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Spaceman Max

Puzzle Games

Spaceman Max is an adventure of Max in the space. Join this free puzzle game on to help him go further. There are gears and dangers. You are supposed to get Max off the screen safely. Left click at the wooden boxes to explode so that Max can drop and get bounced by the shields. Do not let him fall upon saws or fluids or other dangers. You are supposed to finish each game as quickly as you can.

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Solarmax is a miscellaneous game provided by Drag a line from the earth to the moon. Click on empty space to deselect. A ring will form around a planet when it is being colonized. Colonized planets will produce ships for you. Press P to pause the game and spacebar to deselect. Drag over multiple planets to combine fleets. Click on planets to send fleet. Good luck!

Flynn and Maximus Saving Rapunzel

The prince is eager to get to the princess in this horse farm game because she is waiting for him for quite a while. The issue is that there are plenty of obstacles in his path and you will have to make an effort to get there. Jump over all the fences and fallen logs and this way you will not trip and fall. Collect the apples and carrots for energy and soon enough you will make plenty of progress. There are also quite a few bonuses waiting for you and if you collect those you can gain more speed or invulnerability. Finish all the lovely levels and you will meet the princess. Try not to fall too many times in this horse running game.

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