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Arcade Games

Spiderbugs is an arcade game on in which you try to play with ladybugs. There is a clearing in the forest. Several workers have just had their lunch at this place and a number of rice grains are left on the ground with several chopsticks which attract a lot of ladybugs to come and eat. Your task in the game is to play with ladybugs and shoot one bug with another one. You can first click on a bug and then aim at another bug of the same color. Release the mouse button to shoot and connect them. The bigger the distance between them, the higher your score will get. A green bar in the screen shows your life. Each time you miss a shot you lose life. You will gain life each time you connect two bugs of the same color. Your score increases according to how fast you shoot, the distance and the bugs’ color. There will be colorful bugs on your screen. Do you have interests? Come on!

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