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Adventure Games

Squeaky is an adventure game on in which you will act as the character of a robot who wants to help Squeaky by picking up all of the oil bottles. To walk left, you can press the left arrow and vise visa. You can jump up by pressing the up button to reach oil bottles above. You can jump on top of a bouncy cushion to boost your jumps. On the roads there are lots of obstacles, such as evil aliens with stings, explosive dynamites and so on. You should jump over it to keep yourself safe from them. Your goal on every level is to get to the blue UFO in order to advance the next level. You can jump on top or rise on the yellow UFOs to get to the blue UFOs. You’d better duck down when flying robots is near or you will be hurt. As to the trees on the road, you can pay no attention on it because it will do no harm to you. The faster you finish each level, the more points you will receive. Move on.

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