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Stag Knight

Action Games

Stag Knight is a fighting game on in which you are a brave knight to fight against numerous enemies. You walk deep into the forest and find you are trapped. The way is blocked by two huge rocks. You can’t move on. At that time, many opponents holding different weapons come towards you. The enemies attack you with sword, laser knife, gun, and other weapons. You can use arrow keys to move left and right. Press space bar to attack the enemies. You can use your sharp sword to cut the body, heads, arms, legs of the opponents. After you kill some bad guys, you can collect gold box, medicine icon, and weapon icon for bonus. You can recover your health, obtain bigger sword, and gain money from them. Try to kill as more enemies as you can. Are you ready? Fight!

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Welcome to visit There is a puzzle game Gold Of Knights for you. In this game, your objective is to turn all the triangles on the screen into gold. What you need to do is to click at figures to rotate them. The triangle will become gold when same figures are identical and disappear. When you upgraded to the new level, bonuses will be awarded. Keep an eye on the timer. Try to move fast!

Knight Mighty Run

Knight Mighty Run is brought to you by This is a free action game. You are expected to control the hero to run as far as possible. Press the up key to jump. For higher jump, press it consecutively. Press the down key to sled down. Press the right arrow to use the lance to attack zombies and press the left to use the shield to resist fire balls. Reach the bonuses on your way forward to strengthen yourself!

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