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Star Dominion

Action Games

Star Dominion is a classic game on, but it also a story about political conflicts in the outer space. There are two power groups. One is the Coempiire, the other is the Arnorians. If you choose to be the Coempire, then it is you who started the war. Your aim is siege of Zartur, and to achieve this goal, you have to go though several procedures which are also known as stages such as “first attack”, “economy undermining”, etc. And if you choose to take part in the Arnorians, then you need to escape the Zartur. Your final goal is to complete the revolution. As for fighting, you just choose soldiers, robots, tanks or other weapons as you like, and order them to attack or build constructions. The map will spread out itself, following where you are. As it is a flash game, you just need to aim and click. Easy, right? Then good luck!

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