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Star Dressup

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Star dressup is a fashion Girl game on in which you dress up the model star who based on what you choice for her as a sparkling star with all the dressup details such as hair, skirt, shirt ,pants, shoes, accessories, belts ,suitcases. you should realize the different combination will bring about different esthetic feeling for the audience. so why not try how to sparkling the stage !

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Alex Maria Lara Dressup

Play free game Alex Maria Lara Dressup on As a free girl game, Alex Maria Lara Dress Up on can train you to be a master of clothing matching. Hit your favorite clothes and ornaments from the right frame to dress up your girl. You can change your choices by dragging the chosen ones back into the right frame with you left mouse key. Adjust the bar below the girl to determine the sequence of your clothes. Your girl is waiting for you. Let’s do it!

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