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Star Wars Skywalker

Action Games

Star Wars Skywalker is a fighting game on in which you kill all invaders with a laser sword in a space station. Have you ever seen the famous film, Star Wars? This game is closely related to that film. You are a space warrior here and named Skywalker. A number of enemies and aliens have broken the shield of space station of your country. They want to conquer the station. Your soldiers are all fighting against invaders. And the whole spaceship is on fire. You must save the station and your fellows. It is easy to play. You can click your mouse to kill enemies by a laser sword. Invaders may be robots, mafia, skull soldier, ghost soldier, and ogres. Try to kill as more invaders as possible for a high score. Usually the enemies will appear and disappear very quickly like ghosts. You have no time to think about it, just hit them. Are you ready? Join it now.

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