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Starship Wars

Shooting Games

Starship Wars is a shooting game on in which you will be a pilot to fight in a number of tasks. Every task has its own story and background. You have to eliminate many sorts of fighters, like spider fighter, multi-role fighter, and umbrella-like plane. The more fighters you destroy, the more scores you can obtain. Sometimes after you discreate a fighter, some bonuses will appear and you can pick up them to increase your damage, slow down the enemy, improve your speed, or make you invincible. Try to kill off as more fighters as possible in shortest time. At the end of each mission, there will be a more powerful great fighter-host than others. You have to eliminate it for completing the mission. You belong to the Alliance and fight Crilliants against their capturing or destroying behavior. You can buy various powerful weapons, like Machine gun, Laser, 3D, Stinger, Painball, BFG and so on. They have different missiles to help you kill every kind of enemies. You have three fighters totally and try to finish the mission before all are lost. Your final mission is to protect our planet. Are you ready? Fight!

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Crystallium Wars TD

Crystallium Wars TD is a strategic and shooting game on It’s very interesting and exciting. Once you play it, you will love it. In this game, you should kill all the enemies to get the crystal back to our world. When you kill enemies, you will get coins as your bonus and build basement to strengthen yourself. Use WASD or arrow keys to move, direct with your mouse , and left click to shoot. Are you ready? Let’s play!

Mainlands Wars

Mainlands Wars, an adventure game, is brought to you by In the game, your land is green. Your enemies’ land is red, and the yellow lands are neutral. Your goal is to capture all the red land. The numbers shows the amount of the armies of each land. If you want to capture a land, you must send more people than the original ones. Click and drag to send the half of your army and hold ctrl and drag to send all your armies. Now, fight!

Civilizations Wars 2 Prime

Welcome to the puzzle game Civilizations Wars 2 Prime! In this game, you are expected to seize all the lands. Click at your base and drag it to another one to seize it. Send your troops to fight against your enemies. Once you outnumber your enemy, you win. After each level finished, you can upgrade your skills and weapons. Keys 0-9 are for different skills. provides more free games for you!

Planet Wars

Planet Wars is an action game provided by The target in this game is to reconstruct the image by clicking on the tiles to make them scroll to reach the right place. You can check out the XBOX version with co-op multiplayer. Press WASD arrow keys to move. Use mouse to aim and click it to fire. Move your mouse to set your shooting angle and power. There are all kinds of games here on this website, and they are free!

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