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Stealth Hunter

Action Games

Stealth Hunter is an action game on in which you should control the man to finish the mission and you should skill enough. Sneak around, snap some necks, plant some C4, whatever you need to do to survive and complete an assigned mission. There are 22 missions in total. If you have trouble with a level go into the menu and look at hints. Use the arrow keys to walk around. Use your radar to navigate around guards. If you are spotted, the mission is a failure and you must restart. Walk directly into a wall and hold the walk key to press up against. Slide along the wall using the arrow keys perpendicular to the wall. When a red exclamation mark appears above your head, you can press spacebar to use objects such as swithes and doors. Pressing the spacebar while against the wall will make you tap against it. Curious guards who hear the tap will come investigate. While standing near a guard press spacebar to break his neck, Press the Z to plant a C4 explosive charge. Press the X key to detonate charges. Some objects will be destoryed if caught in the explosion. Certain objects can be pushed around by walking into them.

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