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Stickman Sam 4

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Stickman Sam 4 is an adventure game on in which you will have a new name, that is Sam, and your task is to find Bob and figure out what happened to him. In the process of your task, you will fall out of the plane with a bunch of boxes. However, there is not a parachute. That is a backpack in which is some grenades. Maybe one of them has a parachute in one of the boxes that fell out. You can use the grenades to break the boxes and see if one contains a parachute. If you manage to find a parachute don’t open. It is too early or too late. You can open your parachute with the space key. After the conversation between the office and Sam, the game begins. You will find that you and some boxes are falling from the plane. There is the sea under you. The time is limited. As a result, you have to find the parachute and open it as soon as possible. Otherwise you will fall into the sea and die.

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