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Stonage Sam

Puzzle Games

Stonage Sam is an adventure game on in which you will help Stonage Sam to succeed in completing his adventure. There are moving thick clouds in the sky. Far away is black mountains. A strong eagle is flying down from sky and a crow is frightened to hide behind the limbs of an old tree. A clean lake is located at the foot of the mountain. Green plants and flowers grow in the two banks of this river. An old withered tree quietly stands in one side of the lake. A little sparrow opens its mouth for waiting for the food its mother brings back to it from the far. On the other side, an apple tree full of fruits grows beside the lake bank and a lazy bear is watching the crazy crocodiles swimming in the lake. Fishes sometimes jump out from the water and disturb the butterflies staying at rocks in the middle of this lake. In such a beautiful background, Stonage Sam starts on a journey. You can click on items to interact with them and solve the tasks in correct order to help Sam succeed. Be careful to click on everything. You may encounter tigers or monsters in the trip. So it’s really an adventurous journey.

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