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Stoneage Assasin

Shooting Games

Stoneage Assasin is an awesome shooting game on in which you will play as a man who have to hide himself in the bush. You don’t know who I am but I know of you and of your loss. I have suffered the same but alas I’m unable to gain the retribution I crave but you can. I have received a tip off the location of an affiliate of the hunters that took your daughter. He is not a vital contact but important enough to cause some commotion for a low level member. Take him out to publicly and the news will reach the group. He will have a red fur band on his arm or leg a sign that he is a member of the group. The bands help reinforce the gangs presence. He will most probably be in the village center at high sun. Remember don’t harm any innocents. Take out the targets! It’s sure to get the groups attention. Use the weapon I have given you. Be patient and good luck!

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