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Storm Boat

Shooting Games

Storm Boat is an adventure game on in which you steer a storm boat to complete a number of missions. You are at the controls of a combat craft. You have to make it to the end of each level, destroying as many enemies as you can. Pick up the bonus points since they can help your mission. You can use the cursor pad or the WSAD keys to move around the screen. Use your mouse to aim and fire. In different levels, you will be given different missions. In level one, we have been shooting up those rotten junk boats on the reeking channels of the Mekong River for half a year now while our brothers were giving up their souls to God on the continent and in the air. But that is over now your combat craft has been included in the assault force, and our operation begins tomorrow at noon. The guys are a bit nervous, but that is all right. It is time for them to buck up after all those benders at the Saigon brothels. Are you ready? Fight!

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