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Street Avenger

Action Games

Street Avenger is a fighting game. In this game, your target is to kill all the enemies and the level boss. Attention, you totally have 3 lives for challenge. You can firstly choose a character form the give 2 (Herty and Adam). And then start your challenge. For the movement, you can press the “W” key to move upward, press “S” key to move downward, press “A” key to move leftward, and press “D” key to move rightward. For the attack, you can press the “J” key to kick enemies, press “K” to jump kick, press “L” key to ground sweeping. More over, you can find other special attack skill (like use flash power, quick seriate kick, and so on), you can combine the attack key and the arrow keys by yourself, and you will find more powerful attack. What for the health bar and power bar in the lower left corner of your screen, when the health bar fall down to zero, you will use another new life, when the power bar fall down to zero, you can not activate special skill again. Remember, pick up some aid box can help you to re-fill your health bar. Good luck!!

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