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String Chaos

Puzzle Games

Welcome to String Chaos! Click on the beads and drag them. The aim is to sort the beads in each level that way so that no white lines will connect the beads cross each other. The faster you are, the more points you get. The blue glowing beads charge up slowly. Once they are fully charged, they push all other nearby beads away. Black holes pull all beads to itself. The nearer the bead, the stronger the pull will take effect. Bead swallowed by the black hole appear again at a random position. Then take a special attention on the black ones. You can find this skill game on Good luck!

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Use arrow keys to move left/right or jump/shield. Press Z/X to attack and D to drop weapon. Hit other players 5 times without being hit to get RAGE. While jumping upwards without a weapon, press Z to uppercut and X to backflip kick. Side-swipe is used as a quick mid-air attack, to escape an enemy, to save you from missing a ledge etc. Chaos Faction 2 is an action game on Learn more moves and weapons in the Help. Have fun!

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Princess Black Friday Chaos

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