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Stunt Pilot Trainer

Skill Games

Stunt Pilot Trainer is a skill game on in which you try to control the plane to pass through the right way. There are some circles hanging in the sky in this game, and you are the pilot. Your job is let your plane fly through every circle, and you get the points from that. Two keys are needed in this game: up arrow key and down arrow key. In the controls menu, you have two ways to control your plane: one way is use the up arrow key to let your plane up and use the down arrow key to let it down. In this situation, when your plane fly back from right side to left, you have to use the up arrow key to let your plane down and use down arrow key to let it up; the other way is opposite to the former. In the bonus gaining round, your flying time will be counted. You should try to gain more bonuses in the limited time. During your flying, watch out the fire balloon and mountain, don’t collide with them. Have fun.

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