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Super Fish

Action Games

Super Fish is a skill game on in which you help a super fish to catch treasures and avoid dangers in water. There are also other little fish living in the sea. A lot of seaweeds grow at the bottom of the water. Once the game starts, you can use the arrow keys to move the super fish. Then use space bar for turbo moves. When in the middle of the sea, press space to dive and double press the space bar to jump over the water for catching bonuses points. When on the bottom, you can use the space to jump, or press the down key to stay still on the floor. There are some little fish, white stars, yellow stars, and hearts in the game. Try to catch them for bonuses. You can also get the chest full of gold at the bottom of the sea for super points. Beware of the shells and ghost faces in the water. Once you hit one of them, you may reduce one life or five lives. Are you clear now? Join it.

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Tricky Fish is a puzzle game. Your task is to help the fish to collect pearls and avoid traps. Drag from the water surface, and draw a jumping line for the fish. Release the mouse to launch the fish. Try to collect stars to win bonus score. In each level, your chances are limited. Make use of the tools in each level. This game is totally free and it is provided by Enjoy yourself!

Fishtopia Tycoon

Fishtopia Tycoon, an adventure game, is free for you on Click at the Quest button to get your assignment in each level and then start your task. Choose your action from the menu. Click to control your line. Avoid the line touching anything other than fish or it will break. Click at the market to sell your fish. You can change the price. Finish the quest to buy more stands. Now, are you ready? Let’s start!


The little fish wants to collect 23 pearls in the puzzle game Fifish. You are supposed to click on surrounding objectives to trigger events until you finally find out the pearl in each level. Obstacles will be cleared when you interact with proper objectives. When the fish is circled by bubbles, click it to move forward. There are more free games on Just come here and have fun!

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