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Super Koala

Adventure Games

Super Koala is an adventure game on in which you help a little bear to go through dangers and kill green beasts. Little bear is locked at home by his mother and is not allowed to go out. But he wants to play with his fellows, so you should help him escape from the room. The outside is full of dangers and monsters. You can use the arrow keys to move little bear. There are many plastic cases and wooden boxes on his way, you can place some bombs to make the boxes explode. Green beasts are always staring at little bear and want to eat him, you can allure the beast to follow you and then throw out a bomb to explode it into pieces. Flying Birds are also very dangerous. If the little bear hits a flying bird, he will lose a life. You can also use the bombs to kill birds. But be careful and avoid being self killed by the explosion. Try to kill all beasts and birds and move to the next level. Maybe more challenges are waiting for you. Ready? Good luck!

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