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Super Marine

Shooting Games

Super marine is a shooting game on in which you will protect our planet to fight monsters and aliens. There are many missions here. You should defend your base and destroy all enemy buildings. At first you should make sure that you won’t die. You must become strong enough before approaching enemy bases. To upgrade your armory, regenerate your energy and HP, or upgrade your turret, you can go to different platforms in your base. There are several cannons and battle companions in your side to help you defend the base. When the monsters are coming, you can press the left button of your mouse to shoot them. Avoid being hit or hurt by them. You life value is 500. Kill the enemy will increase your money so that you can buy more powerful weapons. When you are fully equipped with strong missiles and armaments, you can move forward to eliminate the enemy base and fortress. You can select Easy, Medium or Hard Mode. In the process of fighting, you can press H key to ask for help, R key for radar, I key for hint, F key for status. You can go for it now as a soldier.

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Submarine War is a shooting game on You are going to drive a submarine under the sea to kill all your enemies. Use keys WASD to control your submarine. Press J to shoot. The key K is for bombs. Killing enemies earns you yellow diamonds and if you break up a capsule you can collect colorful jewels. You can go to the item shop to upgrade your equipment. Avoid shooting the ship carrying jewels!

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