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Swiss Snowboard

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Swiss Snowboard, which is a skill game on Snowboards are usually constructed with a laminated wood core sandwiched between multiple layers of fiberglass. The bottom or ’base’ of the snowboard is generally made of various constructions of plastic, and is surrounded by a thin strip of steel, known as the ’edge’. The top layer, where a printed graphic usually resides, is usually made of Acrylic. The first snowboard was was invented and manufactured in Utah beginning in the early 1970s, and was commemerated in 2007 by the United States mint among the three semi-final designs of the Utah state quarter.Pick up a snowboard that you like then start have fun here!

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Fancy Snowboarding

Visit to join the free sport game Fancy Snowboarding. You will enjoy it. The objective for you is to send the hero to the destination with a red flag. Left click and hold and then drag to draw a line. He will ski in accordance with the route. You are supposed to collect the bonuses on the way forward. Pay attention! Avoid falling off the screen, or you will lose the game! Good luck!

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