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Sword Tournament

Fighting Games

Sword Tournament is a fighting game on in which you fight against a number of monsters and gladiators for glory. Once in a year is the sword tournament. This time, you won’t miss it, and most of all you will earn it final price: the legendary Fire Sword, which bring power and reign over the entire kingdom for a year. But before you may try to floor the evil wizard Moryn, the path to his throne room is full of fierce opponents. Take your bravery, courage, tenacity, strength, and (…hum! don’t forget your sword!) go toward your destiny. First of all, you can go to the training room in order to practice how to use your sword. In order to gain a fight, you must hit your opponent ten times, or simply cut his head. Each time you will defeat an opponent, a password will be given, don’t forget it. Beware of the evil wizard and try to destroy him to win the tournament. Your can select your favorite character from six ones. The throne room of the wizard is like a ghost head. In the path is full of skulls hanging in the tree and bones everywhere. Once the head of you or your opponent is cut off, a monster will kick the head and drag the body away. It’s cruel, right? Good luck!

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