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Teddy Goes Swimming

Sport Games

Teddy Goes Swimming is an arcade game on in which you help Teddy dive into the sea searching for treasures. It’s a game with beautiful scenery and euphonious music. Once the game started, you will see blue sky and a modern ship on the sea, under the sea our brave diver Teddy is searching for his treasures, Use arrow-keys to control the diver, there are plenty of premium and fraction points under the sea, but also many obstacles such as rocks, electric fishes, jellyfishes and so on. Use space-key to play, ESC-key to quit ,P-key to pause,M-key to toggle the music and S to trigger the sound off. Look out for the oxygen meter, you should replenish oxygen timely. You have three chances in the level, you can see your score in the lower-left of the screen, more points and treasures will lead you to a higher score. Try now.

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