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Terrorist Alert

Shooting Games

Terrorist Alert is an adventure game on in which you try to kill as many terrorists as you can. In the game, you’re under attack from the evil mutant terrorist dictator clones! Your mission is to survive. Each clone is born weak, but will grow in both size and power as time goes by. Kill the large ones first, as these are the most dangerous. The enemy is armed with Propaganda Guns-the most evil weapon known to mankind. Their lies and deceit will be fired from their eyes, as this is the logical place to put weapons on Mutant Dictator Clones. You might see Super Evil Overlords floating around in the sky. The Super Evil Overlords are the puppet masters of all global powers and control the Mutant Dictator Clones. Each Super Evil Overlord you kill will help to make your life easier by slowing the rate of Mutant Dictator Clone growth. You have some secret allies who will be dropping weapons and supplies to you on a regular basis. Shoot the crates as they come down. Weapons are 1-6 on the keyboard. You’ll see a special Mary Jane Crate dropping from the sky. Shoot it and it will spread its peaceful vibes over the enemy for a short time. Good luck.

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