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Tha Viruz

Puzzle Games

Tha Viruz is an arcade game on in which you will gain points by clicking on the happy, angry or the spider smiley to the right direction. Once the game starts, there will appear a small square at the left side of the screen. The blue shows that the smiley is being loaded. The red one means that the smiley is loaded. But if all sensors are red, the game is over. Choose the red sensor, so that there will appear a show. A yellow circle smiley will show at this row. If it’s a happy smiley, click to the right. And the angry smiley is click on the contrary. Besides, you should shoot the spider smiley by clicking on it until it is disappear. Sometimes, there is a mask at the row. In this situation, you need to reveal this mask first. Then choose the right direction to click. But there can’t be spider under the mask. There is no time limited, but the speed will increase with each new smiley.

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