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The Big Scan

Adventure Games

The Big Scan is a puzzle game on in which you will be a famous detective. A women′s sister was found dead in a room at the Sleaze Inn Hotel. Her body was found by the maid MANUELLA NOVELLA, who works at the hotel. She wants you to find out who the killer is and why they did it. You can use the way of scanning. Scanning is a method of reading a piece of text quickly to find specific bits of information, like names, dates, or key words. This means that you do not always have to carefully read all of the words to find out important things. You will be working against the clock, so you have to scan the clues quickly before your time runs out. Print out and use the clue sheet to write down important facts and information. If you can not print out this sheet, have a paper and pen handy to write things down. There are a lot of clue, open your eyes!

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