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The Great Escape

Adventure Games

The Great Escape is an arcade game on in which you help the cow escape from the cowherd. In this game ,the cow is longing for the Great Calcium Fairland, your objection is to help it escape, try to collect food items along the way as many as possible ,they give the cow more calcium to keep it’s bones and healthy. Different food provides different milligrams of calcium. For instance, the fat-free milk can provides 300 milligrams of calcium per glass, but one cup of broccoli can only supply 90 milligrams of calcium. In addition, you should avoid many hindrances such as the dustman, the dog, a man with a bird on his shoulder, and even a pine can be dangerous. There are also something help to your escape, you can jump onto the objects and some animals to get the food items and flee from the catchers. You can also choose the cow’s age to discriminate different degree of difficulty. Once the game started, use the up-arrow key to jump, the left and right arrow key to run left or right. The down-arrow key to crouch, try your best to act fast to evade from all the obstacles, good luck!

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