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The Jumper

Sport Games

In The Jumper, you will have an exciting experience of falling from high up in the sky. Packed with some extra parachutes, your objective is to land at the very spot that will lead you to a safe camp, and during your jump, you have to collect bonuses and teddy bears to increase your score. Collect combo to increase bonuses. Try to avoid obstacles. Restore your health through first aid sets. For every 100 300 600 1000 etc scores receive a parachute. Use parachutes to rescue falling people. Avoid lightning charges and the arrow shows you from which side comes a attack. Find Bermudas triangle that will move you to a bonus mission. Enjoy this skill game on, good luck!

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Base Jumper

Play free skill game Base Jumper on to have fun. You are supposed to control the jumper to float in the air. Left click to open the hero’s parachute. Parachutes only last for a while, so you should collect the parachutes in the sky to sustain your floating. Different colors represent different bonus skills. Left click to activate your new parachutes. Collect stars and coins along your way. Avoid touching the gray stars. It will destroy your parachutes.

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