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The Savior

Action Games

The Savior is a fighting game. Your target is to defeat the enemies in each level. You can attack the thief to get random stone for upgrade your weapon. To upgrade your weapon, you must collect required stones. You can press the Space Bar to see what kinds of stones you needed to collect. Each upgraded weapon has different limit break. You will get experience by perform a successful attack. When you are level up, please don’t forget to distribute your points. You can rollover the plus sign to see attribute descriptions. The stamina bar will recover automatically if you don’t run. When you die, you will auto revive once to full hit points. You can get different bonuses by completing all level difficulty to. In this game you can press the “A” key to move left, press the “S” key to move right, press the “W” key to jump. You can also press the “J” key to attack, press “K” key to run, and press the “L” key to activate limit break which is available for upgrade weapon only, when you want to view or close the status menu, you can press the Space Bar. When the experience is max, you will level up. You can rollover the stone to see its name. Ready? Go!!

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