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The Wing

Shooting Games

The Wing is an arcade game on in which you are an escort fighter pilot and use your skill to eliminate impediments and avoid your mother-ship to be dashed. Use arrow keys to control your aircraft and spacebar to shoot at planetoids .Once the game started, you can see your fight fly upon the mother-ship in the red space. And there are many different sized minor planets coming to you .press space key to shoot at them, if they are hit, they will explode and disappear. If not, they will go on their orbit .Never let them touch your plane or your ship .If your ship is attacked, it will disintegrate to small red pieces and perished. The game is over. If your plane is hit, you still have chances; you have three totally in this game, grasp them, and play now.

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Kof Wing 19

Kof Wing 19 is challenging. You can choose one partner according to your preference. It may be computer or other player. Press AD arrow keys to move and WS arrow keys to jump. Use UIOJKL arrow keys to choose the mode of attacking, for example kicking and boxing. When you are attacked by opponents, you can retreat. Enjoy this free shooting game on Let’s start.

King of Fighters Wing

You can choose your opponent—computer or the other player. Use AD to move. Press J to attack. The target in the game is to knock out the opponent. Try to avoid the enemy attacking. Do you want to join in the hero and achieve a high score? Come on now! Keep an eye on it. Wish you good luck with a harvest! provides this fighting game King of Fighters Wing. Have fun here!

Super Angel Wings

Visit to join this free shooting game: Super Angel Wings! You are supposed to control the hero to kill all the enemies on his way forward. Move the mouse for the hero’s movements. Fight is automatically. Collect coins to get money. Collect other bonuses to get more life points or strengthen yourself. You can use the money to buy upgrades and special items after each level.

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