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Thing Thing

Adventure Games

Thing Thing is a shooting game on in which you use the gun to beat the enemies. At the beginning, you can create the character by selecting the head wear and suit. It has more than ten styles for your selection. On the headwear, you can choose the hat, the hair cut, or other ornaments. Such as the top hat, engineer’s cap, sweat band, sunglasses, and goggles. The hair styles include short hair, long hair, weasel hair, dreadlocks and so on. About the dressing, you can select none, or the suit and tie, the black or white trench coat and so on. You may find it is a funny game. First start, you are in a prison with the other guy. You must beat him down so that you can get out of the prison. Once you kill him, you will get a gun. Use the gun to shot the door so that you can jump out. There will be much more enemies outside the prison, you need to shoot all them down. The bullet of the gun is limited. Once you without bullet, hit them with your fist, rob their gun and go on your fight.

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