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Tir a l'Arc

Shooting Games

Tir a l’Arc is a shooting game on in which you will be an archer. There are some scenes for you to shoot the target. You may stand on a tower of the city wall, or on a stairs, or on the ground. The targets will fall down from the sky. There are 3color of the targets. Shoot the red ones you will get 1 point, the green ones means 2 points, and the blue ones means 3 points. You can move to left and right by pressing the LEFT and the RIGHT arrow keys. If you press the UP and the DOWN arrow keys, the direction of the arrow will change. Press the SPACE BAR to archery. You can turn a somersault by press the SHIFT key. There is a blue person who will shoot arrows towards you. If he hit you, one life loses. You can shoot him by your arrow.

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