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Toon Shift

Arcade Games

Toon Shift is a skill game on in which you are in control of a machine to classify workers for a factory. Once the game starts, there will be little guys coming out of the hatch who are the factory workers. They get to work by jumping in some kind of boxes. Your task is to sort them into the correct boxes. You can click on the arrow tiles to change their directions. They will follow the direction and move into related boxes by a conveyor belt. At the beginning, there is only one kind of worker. But in later levels you will see different types of workers, such as elves worker, monster worker, fruit worker and vegetable worker, etc. Be sure to get them in the right boxes. Keep your eye on the waiting room to see what kind of worker is coming in next. Now get to work. Have fun!

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Join the free puzzle game Shifter on to have fun. The mission in the game is to send the hero into portals. Move with the arrows or WASD. Press the space bar to depart the setting blocks and then use the arrows to change their positions. Then press the space bar again to connect them when the remodeled setting is available for the hero to the portal. Mind the block with a button. The portal will open when it is pressed.

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