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Toy Cars

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Toy Cars is a sport game on in which you join a toy car race. You take part in a rally between radio modelers. The rules are simple – the one who comes to the finish line first is the winner. Every round consists of five laps. Remember that your car is red colored. You can use the arrow keys in your keyboard to steer, accelerate and brake. The match field is covered with white snow and it is a round track. At the center of the field, hollies grow like umbrellas. You can not steer the car off road, or it will greatly slow down. Don’t lag behind and try to win the first prize for high score. You should practice it for many times to become skillful. This is a good chance to testify that your toy car is the best. Are you ready? Have fun!

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Awesome Cars

Awesome Cars, a sport game on, will make you a racer in the game. Your goal is to drive your car as far as you can. Tilt with left and right arrows, jump with the space bar and press the space with left arrow to make the car flip to accelerate. Collect the coins along your way. When jump, ensure a proper landing to avoid the car blasting off. If you run out of fuel, the car blasts off too. Go to the shop to upgrade when necessary.

V8 Muscle Cars 2

V8 Muscle Cars 2, a free sport game, is brought to you by You are expected to race your car into top three to upgrade to the new level. Move forward with the up key. Tilt with the left and right arrows. Collect the coins with the key T to get nitro to boost your car. Avoid colliding with others. Driving off the road will decrease your speed. Ready? Let’s race now! Good luck!

Crushing Cars

In the game Crushing Cars, you are supposed to drive a trunk to crush all the cars along your way. Move forward and backward with up and down arrows, and balance with left and right arrows. The more damage you make, the more score you win. You can get certain amount of time bonus and health bonus. There are nine levels. This sport game is on Have fun here!

Thunder Cars

Realize your racing dream in the game Thunder Cars! There are many beautiful cars, good racers and mainly two kinds of matches: rookie series and veteran series. Each series consists of eight levels. If you want to upgrade your car, you must perform well and get a high score. Use arrow keys to control your car. Press “ctrl + X/N” to accelerate. You should finish the task required. Come to to play more free games!

Theft Super Cars

The goal of sport game Theft Super Cars is to drive your car to the destination as fast as you can. There are policemen hunting you. Try to get rid of them. Shift among the keys Z/X/C to use different weapons to attack. Move forward and backward with the up and down arrows and tilt with the other two arrows. The space bar is for Nitro. The game is free for you on Have fun!


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