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Trap o Matic

Puzzle Games

Trap o Matic is an arcade game on in which you will be a cat named Tom who wants to trap a rat. At the beginning of the game, you will find yourself in a big house with furniture. There is a big dog lying lazily on the ground and a rat playing in the corner of the room. There is a device inventory in the game. There are four kinds of tools, namely launchers, hangers, rollers and cutters. You can click the mouse to open the device inventory and choose some tools to make a trap. You can drag items out of the inventory if you think that you need them. Then you can start to lay these items properly and trap the rat. You can choose different rooms to make a trap. Maybe in different room you have different plans. If you can’t conceive a good trap, you will fail to trap the rat and the rat will laugh at you.

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