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Adventure Games

Trapped is a click and point adventure game on in which you aim is to re-discover who you are. You have forgotten who you are and don’t know where you are. You feel very bad and lose yourself. When you open a light, you find you are in a bathroom. The door is locked. There are several cupboards, a mirror, a closestool…in the room. Try to look for something useful. Use whatever you can find to solve the mystery… use your mouse to pick up items, and click on the sides of the screen to view portions of the room. When you pick up items, they will transfer into your inventory. Click on an item to enlarge and examine it thoroughly. When an item follows your mouse, it is used for mixing your other items. When an item is highlighted, it is used for the room only. You will find a book, a finger, a matchbox, a purse… Do you remember something? Play it now.

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