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Tree Tower Defence

Shooting Games

Tree Tower Defence is a shooting game. The aim of the game is to stop the boulders from reaching the bottom of your trees. You can hover your mouse near the top and bottom of the screen to scroll up and down. You can press the Up arrow key to scroll up, Down arrow key to scroll down, press the “U” key to upgrade selected tower, press “S” key to sell selected tower. Press Space Bar to release creeps early. The mini map (on the top left corner) can be used to show boulders currently on the map, as well as a convenient method of viewing locations on the map quickly. Click anywhere on the mini map to zoom to it. Click on any of the tower buttons on the right hand side to select them. You should notice your money left and the cost of the tower. Once selected, you will be able to view more details on that particular tower. Once you have selected a tower, click on any of the grey rectangles underneath the tree branches to build it. Note when hovering over a rectangle, the semi circle indicates that tower range. Ready?? Go!

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