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Treetop Trouble

Action Games

Emergency! The dam will be destroyed by some bad guys! You have escaped your captor, and now you are in a race against time to save an entire village! Seems exciting right? Treetop Trouble is an adventure game on in which you are the hero Sokka. You will have to use all your warrior skills to navigate the precarious perches high in the treetops, all the while dodging archers’ arrows and the relentless pursuit of the freedom fighters’ leader, Jet. You can climb on ropes or crouch to avoid attack. Moving forth and back quickly can free you from Jet’s grasp. When in danger, you can throw boomerangs to kill enemies. Try to be quicker, all the villagers’ lives are in your hand. Try not to lose any of your tries because every time you need to start from the beginning. Good luck!

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