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Trials Dynamite Tumble

Skill Games

Trials Dynamite Tumble is an arcade game on The goal of this game is to try to affect as much damage as you can for the driver. There are four modes you can choose, Leap of Dynamite, Explosive Pinball, Detonation Vault and Blast Ski Jump. A bike driver will move toward a wooden slope. He drops off the bike and falls down, and then is hurt. All bumps and hits increase the damage counter. Longer jumps with bike give more damage. You can also bail out in places where you want to crash. Dynamite automatically explodes when the driver is near. Try to explode all dynamites to get maximum damage. You have three runs, now go out to hurt the driver. You can accelerate, brake, and lean left and right. The more damage you create, the higher score you can get. It’s stimulating. Are you ready? Join!

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