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Tronds Hoppespill

Sport Games

Tronds Hoppespill is a sport game on in which you play rope skipping with your fellows. It is on Sunday and a fine day. No clouds are in the sky. You have finished your homework last night and want to enjoy a good time today. So you find your best friends, Jack and Mike. You three guys think about what to play for a while. Finally you decide to go to a clearing in the forest and play rope skipping. You are the first one to skip ropes and your friends whirl the rope for you. If you fail to skip the rope, you will have to whirl the rope for them. So this is the rules. It is easy to play. Just press the space bar to jump high and avoid being stumbled by the rope. Try to skip the ropes as more as possible. This is not your first time to take part in the rope skipping, right? Have fun!

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