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Arcade Games

Tryst is a skill game on in which you try to help a boy finish a long trip. The boy will run in the path of the forest. There are many flowers on his way. You can move him to collect the flowers for points. Beware of the rocks – once the boy hits one rock, he will be slow down. Some animals like wild pigs want to cross the path and the boy can also not hit them. Some naughty girls near the trees of the forest will jump out and fight against our boy. You must help the boy to defeat the boring girl. It is so long a trip that sometimes it is sunny and sometimes it is rainy. To finish the trip, the boy will also have to jump over some rivers and lakes. There are many ices on the lake. And also the boy can not hit other obstacles on his way. Try to get to the destination and have a tryst within the time limit.

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