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Tummy Trouble

Adventure Games

Tummy Trouble is an adventure game on in which you act as soldier to fight against monsters to save those children who under the risk of being fatten. This is also a shooting game. In this game, you can use the arrow keys to move around, and click on your left mouse button to aim and fire. Your score will be show at the right side of the screen. The map and your tries, gastro meter and the key card are at the same side. Avoid those monsters or they will come into your stomach automatic that may increase your gastro meter. Meanwhile, you should shoot the wooden box and metal pails to find the key card and a tablet which can help you decrease your gastro meter. Once the gastro meter is fills up, you’ll be too stuffed to continue. In addition, the map will become complete after you have entered each room. Let’s rescues the children’s healthy.

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