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Turkey Bowling

Sport Games

Turkey Bowling is a sport game on in which you will play bowling by hitting turkeys. You are the Santa in the game. It is at Christmas Eve and you have prepared many gifts for children. Four Christmas trees are decorated with many glimmering small lights. But you have to get a good score in the turkey bowling before you set out for sending presents to kids. It is easy to play. Many turkeys stand at the bottom of bowling alley and wait for your strike. When you are ready, click the mouse and there will be a gauge appearing in the middle which indicates the strength you want to use. When it shows a value you think appropriate, you can click the mouse to ascertain it. Then a moving cursor will appear which shows the direction you want to throw the ball. When the cursor points to a direction you like, you can press the mouse to fix it. Then a bowling will be thrown out towards those turkeys by you. Try to hit as more turkeys as possible. Ready? Have fun.

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