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Turtle Shot

Action Games

Turtle Shot is an action game on in which you shoot a turtle out as far as possible by using a big wooden hammer. You are an angry giant and a grey crazy dog is your pet. This day, you and your pet walk around the forest to look for something interesting. An idea comes to your mind. You find a tree stump and put a turtle onto it. You want to strike this turtle using your hammer so that the poor turtle can fly in the air as long as possible. Maybe this is a good method to help the turtle get to its destination quickly. Your crazy dog also has interests in this and wants to offer some help. When a poor turtle is placed on the tree stump, there is an angle gauge and strength gauge appearing in the screen. You can press the space bar to fix it. When the turtle is flying, your pet will chase it and run after it. Once there is a panel appearing, you can press some certain arrow keys combination to make your dog hit the turtle ball with its head so that the turtle can fly farther. Try to go as long as possible. Have fun!

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