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Twelve Doors

Adventure Games

Twelve Doors is an adventure game on in which your mission is to find out the fact through the clue you found in the different room. There is a lot of stuff in every room or in the access. Click the objects you come across with the left button of your mouse, and read the description which may helps. Then click the frame on the right of the screen, go through the access, you can move to the other room. Notice every thing you meet while entering into one new room. First, you are in the rest room, across to the access, you reach the freezer room. Beside it, there is the delivery room. Don’t miss every thing that can be picked. Next you may find the incinerator room and laboratory A, after that is the cultivate room, the lavatory, the laboratory B and the lounge. There are also some instruments on the right of the screen, such as a box and a flashlight. Use them if necessary.

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