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Almost all people use mouse everyday, but how nimbly you can control it? Test yourself in Twins, a simple but interesting skill game. The mission is easy: remove all the spheres form the board. To do this, you just need to match balls of the same color as quickly as possible—those have been matched will disappear automatically. Remember that balls can be matched only if they can be connected with a line which turns at most twice. You can find this game on Have fun.

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Cinderella Gives Birth to Twins

The whole kingdom is very excited, for Cinderella and Prince are expecting a baby. And imagine how surprised and how delighted they were to find out that they are going to have two babies instead of one! Cinderella is pregnant with twin girls! However, this news made the future parents not only happy but also rather anxious: giving birth to one baby is a huge job already, and delivering twins might turn out a serious problem. But Cinderella’s got nothing to worry about since her doctor is you! Be with Cinderella throughout the whole process of delivery and help her give birth to her adorable twins.

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