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Twister Island

Adventure Games

Twister Island is an adventure game on Taz is a monster and has landed on a lost tropical island. You must help him avoid native hunters, find food and escape from the island. Move Taz by using left and right arrow keys and make him jump by pressing the up arrow key. Your goal is clear. To destroy all Stone Statues so that Taz can leave the island. Devouring food makes Taz go on a whirling rampage. He destroys all in his path, but this only lasts for a limited time. Avoid volcanoes! They stop Taz’s spinning and cost him points. If he grabs a coconut drink while running, 1000 bonus points is awarded. When whirling, Taz spills the drinks and gets no points. Each Isle has a maximum number of food items. If you eat them all and one or more statues are still standing, you must click the reset button to start over. Jumping from one island to another can only be done from an end of either island. The timer is a multiplier. Destroy all statues before it reaches zero and multiply this level’s score by the remaining time. Your score will stay unchanged if timer ends before you have cleared all statues. If Taz gets caught 3 times by the hunters, Game over. Good luck!

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