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Veterinary is a classic game. In this game you become a cute girl worked in a pet clinic. Your target is to take good care of the pets, and satisfied its requirements. If they want to eat some thing, you can use your mouse click on the food, secondly click on the bowl, and third click on the pets to feed them, after they complete they meal, you should drag the used bowl in the garbage can. If they want to take a bath, you can use your mouse click on the bathtub, and then click on the pets to serve them. If the pets defecate, you can click on the besom, and then click on the excrement to clean them, don’t forget at last click on the garbage can. If the pet is ill, and need some medical treatment, you should click on the injection, and then click on the pet to rescue it. Attention, you must do all the things as soon as you can, there is a green bar on the head of each pet, if it decrease to zero, the pet will go, and you will lose the level, so try to be high efficiency!! Ready? They are coming now!!

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