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VM Shootout

Sport Games

VM Shootout is a sport game on in which you will shoot a football into the goal in a football field. This is a football game, and the point is to score as many goals as you can. There is a goalkeeper in the game and many people are applauding your performance. You can press and hold left or right arrow key to determine the direction of the shot. Then press space to raise the height of the shot. You won’t see any visible pointers to measure where the ball will go, but with a little practice you will develop a sense for it. Goalkeeper is pretty smart, and he will probably save the shot unless you are precise and hit the upper corner of the goal. The goalkeeper can not reach that place. Don’t shoot for many times consecutively on the same side. During the game, you can press shift to skip to the next shot. In the beginning, you have five misses allowed. But, you will get a bonus shot when you score fifth, tenth, twentieth, etc. goal. The game is over when you have no balls left. Good luck!

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