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Weight Throw

Sport Games

Which sport do you like best? When asked this, many will probably say some popular items such as football, basketball or swimming. Do you like weight throw? Don’t categorize them into boring sports, because actually it isn’t that easy. Weight Throw is a sport game on in which you will be a hammer thrower. To throw a ball, you need to choose the power level and angle degree. Try to choose the highest power and the best suitable angle for a further throw. Good luck!

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Skill game Super Bro Throw is waiting for you! Join it on! Your task is to bash the naughty kids in the games by throwing your red brother. You are the blue one. At the beginning, you can set the control model to move your hero with WASD or the arrows. While you are over the red one, left click to pick it and hold to adjust strength. Move the mouse to target. You can walk on hazards but never throw your brother on them! Move fast!

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