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Whack a Mole

Classic Games

Whack a Mole is a skill game on in which you try to strike as many moles as possible within thirty seconds. Are you a white collar worker? Are you often anxious about your work? You must be under great work pressure. It does not matter. You can come to play this game to give vent to your pent-up emotions. There are nine holes in the playing field. Foxy moles stretch out their heads to provoke you and go back quickly. You are holding a big hammer and whack the heads of moles once they provoke you. Don’t let the moles escape successfully. You should forget your work and all boring things in your life. Just whack! Whack! Whack! Don’t miss any one. Once you whack a mole head, it will put its tongue out. All moles wear sunglasses with pink noses. They show their sharp teeth while smiling. Is it interesting? Have fun!

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